Since Ana spent this year’s holiday in France and went to Paris and Bordeaux, I thought it might be a good idea to talk about Clarets. I have two great wines for you to try, both from the same vineyard in Bordeaux.CHÂTEAU LAUDUC AC BORDEAUX-1-7

Lauduc Rosé 2013

For me, Rosé wine is a sign of summer and holidays. Château Lauduc Rosé has a beautiful coral pink colour that immediately, at first glance, brings sunshine to mind. This is a perfect wine to drink sitting outside on a hot day. Lauduc Rosé is light and refreshing with delicate raspberry and blackcurrant aromas, a trademark of the Cabernet Franc. Drink it on its own or as an apéritif, or serve it with light, summery food such as salmon pasta, salad, or nibbles. If you are a Rosé lover, I think you will enjoy this one very much, especially for the price of £8 (in Oddbins).


Château Lauduc Rouge AC Bordeaux 2010

When I tried Château Lauduc for the first time, I thought “Wow that’s nice! All I need now is some beef!”  Great claret, still a bit young but that’s not too bad because is very fruity and soft. Mostly it tastes of black and blueberries with some cassis notes. It’s medium-bodied with a lingering dry finish. Easy drinking, classic Bordeaux, a perfect companion for a Friday evening informal meal with friends. Goes great with most meat dishes but beef would be my first choice, so go on and grab a steak for a sandwich, or a good burger! You can easily buy this claret in most high street wine shops below £10.