Some time ago (here) I told you that I’m a woman of one perfume, faithful to one brand for many years. And that was true – almost. Because I’m actually a women of two perfumes: the everyday one, Tom Ford White Patchouli, which I told you about before  (here), and the travel one – Chanel Mademoiselle, which I only use on holiday.

We are in the peak of the holiday season and most of us have already planned our vacations. We all know how important it is to be properly prepared for the trip, and how much easier travel can be if we know how to pack so we take all our essentials and still end up with just one suitcase for a week instead of four.

One of the best ways of maximising your luggage space and minimising its weight is to reduce to an absolute minimum the number of cosmetics you take with you and the size of their containers, particularly perfumes which are often sold in weirdly shaped heavy glass bottles. As I don’t change my perfume for years I usually buy big 100ml or more size bottles, which are impractical for travel.

Chanell Mademoiselle (1 of 1)-3

Following my own advice a few years back just before my trip to Tunisia, I started to look for Tom Ford in a small size, but unfortunately I couldn’t get it anywhere. In the end I settled for Chanel Mademoiselle, the only brand I could buy at the time in a travel version of three little flasks of 7oz and an elegant plastic container. I smelled it and at first I wasn’t that impressed but because of the lack of options I bought it and used it throughout the holiday. As in many long lasting relationships our love started slowly. I was reluctant: on the one hand I was allowing myself to be seduced by the heady scent of jasmine and rose spiced up with exotic patchouli, vanilla and bergamot, all refreshed by citrus while on other hand, I was still not sure, still reserved. At first the scent seemed a bit too floral and too sweet for my taste.

Chanell Mademoiselle (1 of 1)-2

The holiday came and went, and I returned home to my usual life and forgot all about the Chanel perfume. It reappeared just before Christmas when I needed my big suitcase again. I dragged the suitcase from the top of the wardrobe and when I opened it I was for a moment transported to North Africa. Memories of one of the most amazing of holidays rushed through my head with an intensity and clarity I’d never experienced before. Everything, – the colours and the noise of bazaars, the heat of the desert, the food we ate, even the some of the smells from there. It was as if I had returned yesterday and not six months earlier.

The blend of perfume mixed with the aromas of holiday forever coding in my brain the Chanel Mademoiselle as a smell of North Africa.

I take my Mademoiselle everywhere, on every trip, and over time I have come to generally associate it with holiday (as most of my summer clothes and luggage smells of it), but I think for me and my husband this Chanel scent will always be reminiscent of North Africa.



  1. Sunday July 3rd, 2016 / 05:39 PM

    I like the capacity of 30 ml. As soon wears out and can be changed to something else, and not to fall into monotony.

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