A friend of mine has this husband taming thing going on, which she said she had copied from someone else and it works a dream. When she is really, truly mad at him, she sits down in front of him, takes out her pretty handbag mirror and slowly, very slowly applies a lipstick. This is when he knows he’s in trouble.

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I’ve always been more of a lipstick girl then a part of lipgloss brigade. Of course, I flirt with lipgloss like everyone else. It’s a great, non committal way to brighten up a shopping trip or a morning session in a coffee shop.

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But it’s a lipstick that has an ability to transform not only my face but also other’s perception of me in one great swoop. It can make me look pulled together, competent, sensual…take your pick.

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But there is more. If you were ever in need of a certain room dynamics, which I call ALL. EYES. ON. ME then you will know that lipstick is your friend. It says so much about you without you actually having to utter a word. It says: “Now I’m talking and I will have your complete and undivided attention. I’m in charge here”.

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So if you ever need to command that room, I suggest that a nearest Chanel counter is your first port of call.


I’m a big fan of Chanel lipstick- and which girl isn’t, really? I love the sleek packaging, black and gold with white Chanel logo embossed on top. I love the smooth, foolproof application and the flattering colors.

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Since the days have already started to get longer I’m eyeing up spring collections and make up trends. There is one that I don’t think will ever go away- the “no make up make up” look. Heralded by the likes of Isabel Marant, it continues to subtly evolve around the same idea, incorporating different techniques and products.

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It’s all about make up that subtly enhances your features and leaves you fresh and “natural” looking. I’m sure I don’t need to spell out why I’ve put natural in inverted commas.


That was the look I was going for when I braved pre-Christmas crowds on Oxford Circus on my way to- where else- Selfridges. A print out of an old ad featuring Vanessa Paradis for Chanel in hand, I elbowed my way to the Chanel counter demanding the exact shade she was wearing. It turned out to be Chanel Rouge Coco in 05 Mademoiselle.


It’s a super flattering dusky rose with brown undertones. As much as I’ve always loved “cappuccino” hue lipsticks,  they don’t really suit me. I always veer towards different color variation on “rose” but Mademoiselle is an incredible balance of dusky rose and pinkish brown, making my lips well, mine- but just so much better looking.


I was so happy with my purchase that the whole way home I kept taking it out of my Chanel 2.55 and putting it back, taking it out…just like Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh who played with his popped Birthday balloon, taking the balloon out the pot and putting it back again…Not quite an image of a room commanding professional but no one really needs to know…



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