I still couldn’t believe that I was holding my dream bag- Celine Phantom in grey suede. It was a bag that made me spend countless hours on the Net, pouring over magazines and visiting online shops (if you wonder how I find the time, here’s my secret :)) In a way, it was a symbolic purchase, that grown up Celine piece that makes you join the club of a Grown Up Women. Or in other words- a Responsible Adult in the Room. Which I like less, actually. Because there comes a time when you are looking for an adult in a room. Only, you realise with dismay that you are the Responsible Adult and everyone is looking to you to make a decision.


But hey, being an adult has it’s good sides as well. You’ve worked hard. You’ve hopefully made your own money and after doing the adult things like saving up for a house, you can have fun with the money you’ve squirreled away for that Celine Phantom Bag. Only…and here comes the tough decision.

For me joining a Grown Up Women club also meant that Ive started looking into ways to delay the signs of time. Ah, what fun! When once I looked in the mirror and saw a moon like plump face, now all that plumpness started hovering around my jaw line. So here comes the tough part- do I spend my money on clothes or a good doctor? I mean, where is the fun in looking like I’ve stepped out straight from a glossy magazine if my jowls hover around my waist?

In looking for a non invasive solution I once again went into Selfridges. I wrote about their Face Gym before (The day my face went to the gym) and how getting regular face massages do wonders for my skin and muscles  tone. But recently they’ve expanded their menu and now offer five new procedures, which I’m sure are set to become bestsellers.

I chose a a Hollywood Express, a mixture of a face lifting massage, radio frequency treatment, ultrasound and a collagen booster. I got asked if I wanted to do a “before” and “after” photo and I happily agreed. The therapist went to work explaining everything as she went along. Whilst I find the massage relaxing (some people don’t as there’s lots of pummeling involved), other parts of the treatment made me feel like I’ve been slapped with a hot cloth. It wasn’t painful but definitely close to my comfort level threshold.

Was it worth the price? Hell, yeah! On the after photo my face is visibly lifted and lines from the corner of my mouth less visible. And the best thing is that collages production goes on..and on 🙂 By the way, this is not a sponsored piece. I’m truly a fan of Face Gym and after seeing the results I wanted to share my find with you.

Now, back to that Celine Phantom bag… I live for clothes but if I can pay less than a full price for them that can really make my day. I’ve spied the bag at Vestiaire Collective site and after some negotiations with the seller it was finally mine. Yes, it does fit in everything and the kitchen sink. But its sides also fold into a smaller, elegant shape.  I’ve paired it with a jacket nicked from my mum and made, you’ve guessed it, by Jadzia Doroba. The silk shirt and the cowboy shoes are gifts from my mum who has a keen eye for fashion and knows my eye sometimes better than I do. She frequently buys pieces for me and even if I don’t like them that instant, she knows that one day i will ask her for them.

My pants are from Zara and my hat from Primark (I’m testing the waters here). Mixture of high and low- that’s truly a gown up style, isn’t it?

PS. My first Paris Fashion Week invite arrived today! Paris, here I come! 🙂

I’m wearing: 

Jacket by Jadzia Doroba

Silk shirt- vintage

Pants- Zara

Bag- Celine Phantom

Shoes- vintage

Hat- Primark

Jewellery- Tiffany  


  1. Monday September 28th, 2015 / 10:02 PM

    Really love this look and the bag is a perfect investment piece, I adore Celine, timeless and chic. Ive been looking to try face gym at selfridges, might give it a go! x

  2. Tuesday September 29th, 2015 / 05:31 PM

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