When we hear the word rum, most of us immediately think Caribbean and South America, and not many of us are aware that rum is produced all over the world. I recently discovered that fantastic rum is also made in Canary Islands near the African coast.RON ALDAE-7

In fact, if we are talking about rum and rum’s history we should really start the conversation at the Canary Islands. This is because the sugar cane first planted in America was transported from these islands during Christopher Columbus’s 1493 second voyage to the West Indies. Therefore the Canary Islands could be considered the world cradle of rum. Most of the current archipelago’s sugar cane plantations are situated on La Palma island, but rum is distilled on most of the islands.RON ALDAE-6

Ron Aldea, which I tasted along with some others, has been made in San Anders, La Palma by the Quavedo family since 1936. These are rum makers of some caliber, their best aged rum having won the trophy for the second best dark rum in the world a couple of years back.RON ALDAE-5

For most commercial producers rum is a by-product of sugar production and they tend to use uncrystallised molasses for rum distillation. The Quavedo family’s use of pure cane juice means Aldea rum retains the aroma of sugar cane, instead of the caramel flavours you get in most commercial rums.RON ALDAE-4

Ron Aldea Anejo is a really smooth and refined rum which you can drink straight. It is gently warming, not burning, when you swallow and leaves in your mouth a delicate sweet taste with aromas of sugar cane and a touch of sweet spice like vanilla.RON ALDAE-2


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