A long Easter weekend in just a matter of days, and most of us will try to escape the city (at least for couple of days), made arrangements for long overdue family visits and catch up with friends we otherwise have no time so see. However, Easter is also a time of gorging after forty days of lent (at least for us Poles it is), and everyone is waiting for homemade cakes.

So here, this post will be about cakes!cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-2

For those of you who are staying in London and are planning to spend some time with your friends, we have a suggestion for a lovely Bank Holiday afternoon. The champagne High Tea at Le Chandelier in  East Dulwich, which Ana and I tested last Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-26

cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-13cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-22

cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-4

Cafe Chandelier is a charming place of subtle elegance and relaxing atmosphere. It’s interior design is based on three buildings in North Africa; a hotel in Tangiers, the French Embassy in Algeria and famous gardens of the British Embassy in Algiers. The three influences; the British, French and North African can be easily recognised in the cafe’s slightly eclectic deco, making it a rather unique place in South London.

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The name if the shop is taken from the plentitude of crystal chandeliers hanging from the celling sparkling in the candle light. The antique furniture, beautiful porcelain, tasteful bibelots dotted around, combined with interesting wall murals, an abundance of flowers and light seeping through the skylights give this place the impression of a luxury colonial salon. Some quirky items and individual touches, such as an old wooden church door, the  unusual cake stands, or the huge candle made of melted wax, (which apparently sometimes customers try to eat!) and a plenitude of tasty looking cakes on the counter make this place warm and Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-23cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-25cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-27cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-15

We have known about this lovely place for a long time and have spend many relaxing afternoons there, indulging in cakes and tea but we have never tried their famous High Tea before. The excellent pastries and vast selection of teas were always this cafes trade mark and I’m pleased to report that they are still as good as Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-8cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-6

We ordered the champagne High Tea for two. The selection of pastries and sandwiches arrived artfully arranged on two China stands, looking so good that Ana couldn’t wait until we had finished taking a picture. She ate one, earning a glare from the photographer. But with all honesty I could  barely contain myself too, they looked so Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-9

The sandwiches were very nice but the cakes  and the scones with clotted cream were marvellous.  One of the best we had, out of the whole selection, was the posh Jaffa cakes made with homemade raspberry jam and black chocolate such a small detail but it made the whole think even more Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-12cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-5cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-7

We polished off the whole stand within 20 minutes, it was so tasty, but I think we might have slightly overdose  on  sugar and cream as neither of us fancied any dinner that Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-10cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-11cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-16cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-14

The Le Chandelier Champagne afternoon Tea costs £24.00 per person, it includes;  a glass of champagne, a pot of tea (a vast range), two scones with homemade jam and clotted cream, a selection of sandwiches (salmon with cucumber and cream cheese, ham with homemade mustard mayonnaise, and cheese and tomato pickle), and lots of yummy cakes!cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-20cafe Le Chandelier (1 of 1)-21


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