Wouldn’t it be great if self-tanners could tan you delicious hues of coffee drinks? Imagine turning your skin the shade of cappuccino? Or caramel mocha? My favorite one would be caffe late. I’ve been on the hunt for an exact latte shade for ages. I tried and tested tons of stuff available on the market, sadly none of them developed into my dream shade. I’ve come to a conclusion that it must be something to do with the skin tone because do I see girls on the street tanned delicious coffee colors. I want to run after them shouting: I want your tan! And the pink nude lipstick that goes with it, too!

Not succeeding in a coffee color department, I’ve decided focus on how natural the stuff looks on me aka The Bronzed Goddess test. My obsession with the (fake) tan started some years ago when I discovered Johnson & Johnson gradual tan lotion. I kept building the tan up until it came out on my chest in embarrassing patches. Now I know better and generally don’t bother with gradual tanners because by the time I manage to get the colour I want, I have to scrub it all off again.

I think by now I’ve tried just about every product available on the market. Here are my favorites and their pros and cons. I’ve checked Feel Unique website ( and they seem to carry most of the brands I’m telling you about and they ship to many countries.

@Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse by Marissa Carter. I’ve discovered it last year and keep using it ever since. It ticks all the boxes. It’s a creamy mousse with a brown tint so you know if you’ve missed bits off. It doesn’t smell half as bad as some other self-tanners (unless you go to a capoeira class just after you put it on -like I did. We won’t speak of it). It dries quickly and it also gives you an instant tan so you CAN go out (just not to capoeira class). The result is an extremely natural golden tan which stays up to 10 days. After that time it sort of fades nicely without going patchy. I really have no bad word to say about it. As someone who often ends up looking a bit orange (I think it’s to do wit my fair skin), this tanner is just perfect. And all for under £10! (I would buy it even if it was £30).

@Rodial– every time I smell it I think of our California trip. I took it with me and mixed a few drops every day with my lotion after a shower for a bit of a glow. It makes me look like I’ve just returned from a weekend in St Tropez.

@Famous Dave– a silly name aside, it’s a great product which gives you a week in a Caribbean kind of tan. The only problem is that I only saw it in department stores in Central London and I can’t be bothered to traipse there every time I need a new bottle.

@St Tropez– I have a bit of love/hate relationship with this product. I’ve been using it for years as it gives quite a deep tan. I have two problems with it- it comes off in patches and it smells.  The smell truly floors me and there’s no hope I could put it on and go out to meet people. I like the mousse better than the lotion, which is quite thick and sticky (and stays forever in your sheets). But there’s no denying that St Tropez gives a tan which other products have difficulties achieving. Recently the brand came out with 3 minutes self- tanner which you apply in the shower. After 3 minutes you wash it off. I haven’t tried it but it’s next on my list so I’ll be sure to report on it. What a phenomenal idea (I hope it works)- 3 minutes express tan, no mess, no smell or extra half an hour in the bathroom.

@Vita Liberata pHenomenal lotion. I bought it before a summer trip as the bottle proclaims the tan lasts 3 weeks and I didn’t want the faff during my holiday. It’s expensive- I mean £40 for bottle is a lot. You have to apply, shower the following day, apply and then re-apply on the third day. After you’ve religiously performed that process the tan is supped to last 3 weeks. On me it lasted a little over 2 weeks. The color came out very natural if rather light and I bought a “medium”. It has a light watery consistency, no smell, I mean NO smell at all. I went out after the application and I couldn’t smell myself (neither could Trish). It faded nicely but at the end of the third week I was already topping up with Clarins.

@Clarins -for a beautiful golden glow. I prefer the cream than gel, which doesn’t sink easily but even if you are using gel the end result is worth a bit of discomfort. One word of warning- it has no tint so if you are a newbie watch out for the streaks!

@Rimmel for an instant, washable tan. The color is nice although I had to apply a few layers to build up a deeper glow. I set each layer with a hairdryer (when it’s wet you won’t know the real colour) and then checked if I needed to apply another one.




  1. kika
    Friday May 29th, 2015 / 02:36 PM

    Jako zdeklarowana Polish rose 😉 czyli bialo-rozow-sina eteryczna postac 🙂 opcja samoopalaczy jedynie wchodzi w rachube gdy potrzebuje wygladac jako tako pod palmami.

    Jesli moge cos zaproponowac: jesli juz opcja polskosci pojawila sie na blogu, mam propozycje posta 🙂 moze by cos z kosmetyczno-pielegnacynej sekcji zrobic, tyle sie czyta o francuskich produktach, az do znudzenia, moze by oryginalnie i odwaznie opisac co w polskiej kosmetyce jest warte do kupienia podczas city break, np. moj ukochany Skinoren, bez recepty a leczy i robi cere jak pupka niemowlaka, plus rozne eko produkty jak kremy rózane, make me bio, i inne, hydrolaty, czystki, niesmiertelniki? no i to ze Polki lubia sie bawic w Marie Sklodowska 🙂 i same kreca kremy z biochemii urody 🙂 (polecam na przebarwienia, pory, zmarchy, nawilzenie i co nie badz, po prostu super magia, kwas PHA, z Biochemii czy gdziekolwiek, – to taka nasza SK-II 🙂 ). i kolorówka! inglotem nawet Anja sie chwali na into the gloss 🙂
    trzymam kciuki za rozwijanie bloga, odwage i oryginalnosc. nie komentuje wpisow Trish ale czytam z zapartym tchem bo sa super ciekawe! pozdrawiam

    • admin
      Sunday May 31st, 2015 / 07:41 PM

      Przede wszystkim ogdomnie sie cieszymy, ze regularnie do nas zagladasz! Dziekujemy za sugestie. Obie ogromnie lubimy polskie kosmetyki i zawsze przywozimy z Polski Iwostin (uwazamy, ze jest lepsze niz Vichy), Dr Irena Eris i cala mase kolorowych kosmetykow z Inglota- sa rewelacyjne. Nie wiedzialysmy o Skinoren czy Biochemii ale dziekujemy za sugestie- na pewno wyprobujemy, szczegolnie Ana na problemy z cera. Wkrotce bedziemy w Polsce i zrobimy zapasy 🙂 Pozdrawiamy cieplo! Ana & Trish

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