Some time ago I wrote (link) that I am a woman of one scent who has been using Tom Ford’s White Patchouli fragrance for years – and that’s because of my issues with changing a perfume brand. Well I’m delighted to announce that I am now a woman of two scents! :-), thanks to my beloved husband (who made a final choice and paid for it) and my fabulous best friend Ana who pointed him in the right direction (i.e. towards Byredo’s stand in Liberty’s).


Well, this time my usually predictable hubby positively shocked me. Not only had he delivered a present “not ordered” before (BTW, ordering your gifts beforehand is the beauty of life with an accountant) but he had also ventured into very dangerous and uncharted territory to get me a new fragrance… brave man! In my world this is almost like stepping into a minefield.


I unwrapped the parcel and glanced at the characteristic white Byredo’s box, then slapped my forehead and swore (very) quietly under my breath: OMG! He got me the perfume Ana’s been using for years! Thank goodness no one heard me before I had the chance to properly look at the box and see that it wasn’t Gypsy Water but Mojave Ghost, a scent that is new to me, that I’ve very quickly learned to love.

I asked later how it happened and he said that he really wanted to properly surprise me, and buy me something new. After Ana’s suggestion on the brand he had spent an hour in Liberty’s trying to choose one for me, while being fully aware that it might go horribly wrong. However after trying Mojave Ghost and then re-trying it again and again, he said he couldn’t walk away and took it for better or worse.


It took me little time to get used to it and discover all its undertones and nuances.  I think we both got completely enchanted with layer after layer of soft, warm aromas of cedar and sandalwood combined with undertones of delicate floral scents of magnolia and violets softened with powder and musk and something crisp and fresh like citrus. Absolutely beautiful! I can’t stop myself from applying it very time I pop into bathroom while my hubby can’t stop kissing my neck every time he has the chance … I think it will be fastest going bottle of perfume in my life.

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