What happens when dreams come true? Champagne! More champagne! I’m feeling very unwell…very unwell indeed…more champagne! Until it’s time to sober up and roll up the sleeves. Because rarely in my life dreams coming true mean that I can just relax and enjoy. More often than not it actually means more work!

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I cannot simply just roll out of bed and spend two blissful hours checking my favorite blogs on Bloglovin. Now I get up every morning with a list of to dos, must dos, for yesterdays and very import ants. Time became a commodity.

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In an attempt to save time in the morning I’ve decided to edit somewhat my beauty bag(s) and separate my make up and beauty essentials into home, office and handbag staples (I will try to keep it that way but I already know the drill- once I get myself set up in the office, suddenly half of my shoes collection makes it’s way there…and my bag of lipsticks…and a couple of suits…)

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So what’s in my office beauty bag? I picked out a few things that will take me from my office to a meeting to a dinner in town without too much fuss and necessity to carry around a bulky make up bag.

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I often skip foundation entirety (unless I have a situation on my face in which case hello Estee Lauder Double Wear) so L’Oreal primer is a lifesaver. It miraculously blurs imperfections and pores, making my skin even and smooth. I put concealer around my chin and a tiny dab on my eyelids as well. After a long silence mascara and I are talking again and currently I’m using Benefit, which is great because it stays put for hours.

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I dust a bit (OK, a fair bit, I’m addicted to this staff) of Chanel Les Beiges powder, which makes me look less tired and enhances the color of my lipstick. Hourglass pinky nude is luxurious and creamy, and it’s color is synonymous of good grooming.

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My red nails suddenly turned out to be very high maintenance (Groundbreaking! Who would have thought!) so I’m using Dior in Muguet. It’s a very subtle and completely foolproof pink, which means that I can quickly do my nails in the office (and it’s great for an unexpected ladder in my stockings).

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My newest addition is Gypsy Water hair perfume. I love the scent so much I want to douse myself in it from top to toe. I justified the purchase by telling myself that because I often go to places where I have to leave my bottle of perfumes at the gates (for security reasons) I need to have my scent with me in a different form. Did you believe me? No, me neither… I should just call it a pure addiction and be done with it.

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  1. Tuesday March 31st, 2015 / 08:17 PM

    I have recently fallen in love with the Dior makeup line! I am mad about their newest polish colors–I must try out the one you suggest. Looks like the perfect look for a beach/swimsuit day!!

    adorn la femme

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