When I was living in Poland I used to fantasize about living in Brooklyn, NY.  But not the gentrified Brooklyn of today. An eternal thrill seeker, I found manicured front gardens and pretty streets a tad boring. When at the age of 20 I moved to London without telling anyone of my plan (my parents eventually forgave me), it was no wonder I landed in Dalston, East London.

It was Dalston before it became hipsterland. But that’s how I liked it. I loved its underground bars and partying until 6 in the morning. Eventually, Trish and I moved down south to Brixton where we stayed for a good part of a decade. What do you do when you are a twenty-something kid and you live in London? You party of course, which is why I loved Brixton so much.

Brixton kids

Brixton kids

Brixton kids

I bet you if you say “Brixton” to a foreigner, you’d be met with a horrified face. Brixton has a bit of a reputation from the time of Brixton riots, when cars were burning on the streets. Today, Brixton means expensive houses, famous market where people come to eat, bars and restaurants dotted all over the place and a feeling that Brixton is changing, yet again- but this time against its own will and at the expense of it’s diverse community.

For me eventually parks and manicured front gardens took priority but I’m in Brixton several times a week. I love walking around the market, discovering little shops, like the one with antique French linen or my favourite one, where I bought this T-shirt from Windrush 48 (this is where Trish bought her hand-made bag). For me it’s an epitome of urban cool. So easy to wear combined with jeans and leather trousers. So Brixton. Oh, and it’s menwear but the shop owner told me that women bought out the whole stock.

I’m wearing:

T-shirt- Windrush 48

Trousers- JBrand

Shoes- Isabel Marant

Bag- Celine

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