This is my Saturday routine: wake up, have a shower, drink a really quick cup of coffee, grab my shopping bag, husband/bag carrier/photographer and I’m off to the market.


It usually works like this:  first breakfast! Thus my first steps go towards the Route 66 van for their absolutely wonderful breakfast burrito. It’s been my favourite breakfast for months now and I look forward to it all week.  I love the soft egg and crispy bacon, with pickled jalapeño and coriander mix.  It wakes me up and gives me an energy burst at the same time. Ok so now I’m happy and it’s time to grab breakfast for the man – of course it HAS TO BE the hog roast sandwich with crackling and rocket! When our stomachs are full with the yummy food, it’s time for a cup of amazing organic coffee (this one I drink slowly, enjoying every sip ) and shopping.


On my Saturday’s shopping list is always a loaf of sourdough bread from Brick House Bakery. I love visiting their market stall not only for the bread, which is great, but also to say hello to the quirky but always happy and chatty folks. My next stop is usually the handmade pasta stand – they sell some of the best fresh pastas I have ever had in the UK.  When we’ve bought freshly made popcorn, home-grown veg and eggs and a cake for Sunday dinner we’re mostly done with essentials.


Now it’s time for my favourite bit – wandering around exploring the antique shops, second hand furniture and artisan jewellery stands. This is also the moment when my companion leaves me to my exploring and takes the shopping home … probably the best option for us both; no need for him to get stressed when I’m choosing yet another pair of  “the same” earrings …


This how I start my weekends. My Saturday morning visit to the market generally sets my mood on HAPPY and it usually stays like that until Monday morning.




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