What’s Braderie? I asked The French on seeing big banners spanning length of our street. A flea market, he said. Yay! Three days of antique furniture (which we will NOT buy, said The French), maybe old lace (which I will definitely buy) and all sort of delights to rummage through. I couldn’t wait, especially because we had not had the time to visit famous Parisian ones.

I was watching in anticipation when stalls begun to appear in our street. Our balcony overlooked a main pedestrian street in Bordeaux and was a great vantage point for people watching (more of which later). A cup of morning coffee in hand, I was itching to get downstairs and begin exploring.

Bordeaux Bounty-1-3

Unfortunately, there was not a scrap of lace in sight. Most of the stalls were selling complete tat, plastic “make your own bracelet” equipment and nail polish for one Euro. The French laughed seeing my long face. Pffff – out came the Gallic shrug – even France is not immune to kitsch.

But I did stumble upon some great finds. There were number of stalls selling beautiful bags. I stroked soft tanned leather, inhaling their earthy smell. Shoppers, buckets and hobos – they were all there for the taking (and at the cost of €90 at most). Technically I didn’t need another bag. I bought one in Paris already. But when I saw a stall with small python effect bags, I fell on it like a hawk. My instinct told me that there was a small snakeskin clutch waiting for me. I was not mistaken. I dug two out from the bottom of a straw basket. I chose the brown one but at €30 each I wish I had bought the black one, too.

Bordeaux Bounty-1-2

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