It feels so surreal shopping for a bikini and shorts when the weather outside suggests a snowmagedon rather than sunbathing at a lido. But it’s a must because with a beach holiday just around the corner I desperately need new summer outfits. So I’m sitting in my warm house (with my back to the rainy window) sipping my favourite Venezuelan dark rum and flicking through ASOS searching for the perfect bikini. It really helps to forget about the weather outside when your home is warm, your rum is spicy and tells a tale about white-sanded islands. While on the glossy photos, models show off their swimwear and golden tan against the backdrop of infinity pools, under dazzling equatorial sun…


After forty minutes of shopping and sipping I almost believed… for a moment I imagined that the sodden winter is over. It did, until Ana rang my doorbell and I saw her standing outside, frozen and completely soaked in the London rain.

Ah, sweet dreams… at least for me they are going to come true in twelve days. Can’t wait – Thailand I’m coming!


Diplomatico Reserva, Ron Reserva Anejo, Venezuela. Diplomatico is a brand of rum I love – both the Reserva and the richer version, the Reserva Exclusiva (here). The Reserva Anejo is good for sipping solo as well as a mixing rum for Cubalibere or as a base for other more complex cocktails. It’s rich and full, amber in colour, heavily scented with treacle, aromatic wood, hint of fruits (ripe orange, stewed citrus) and sweet spices like vanilla, cinnamon and dark chocolate. Very classy and well-made rum indeed.


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