One of the things I love about being my own boss is to be able to get up and leave on a whim. Just to be clear, until now I had yet to make it further than Selfridges but I used to dream of a day when we just decide to buy tickets, grab an overnight bag and go. So that day just came and today we are off to the rugged Brittany coast having made a last minute booking.

Isabel Marant Boots-3

Isabel Marant Boots-6


There are other perks of being a boss, too. The one that I massively appreciate is that I can wear whatever I please. Yes, there are days when I have to be in a sharp suit ready to wipe the floor with whoever stands in my way. But generally if I want to wear cropped leather pants, denim shirt and stilettos to the office- who will tell me off?

Isabel Marant Boots-11


Isabel Marant Boots-4

Recently I have been wearing this uniform of white shirt layered under military jacket and Isabel Marant boots on the loop. When I first put it together I asked The French who has innate radar for all things cool, for his opinion. “No. I hate it. You look like Jack Sparrow”.




I normally trust him implicitly for the aforementioned reason (he can make a sack of potatoes look good) but this time I wasn’t convinced. I liked it. The layers, the belt, my fringed boots- doesn’t it all look very Marant? A bit imperfect, not too polished and a bit nonchalant, mismatched even but somehow the pieces go together.


Isabel Marant Boots-7


Wearing this outfit makes me so confident and comfortable that I forget about the clothes and can get on with my days. And they are busy. My Firm has taken a persona on it’s own and suddenly it has become a baby that needs to be fed and nurtured to grow. I wanted it for so long that now, despite feeling a bit out of my depths, I am so incredibly happy.




My first employee is joining me at the end of May. The only question is- shall I continue to dress this way or shall I set an example and wear a suit every day?

I’m wearing: 

Chloe bag 

Isabel Marant boots 

Zara denim 

Warehouse military shirt 

While shirt nicked from The French 

Silver bracelet made to order 



    • admin
      Tuesday May 5th, 2015 / 01:32 PM

      Thank you Diana!xx

  1. Tuesday May 5th, 2015 / 06:50 AM

    Obsessed. This is layered to perfection. You look fabulous, love! xx

    Fash Boulevard

    • admin
      Tuesday May 5th, 2015 / 09:09 AM

      Thank you Anna! 🙂

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