As I sit in a patch of sun having my morning coffee, I feel happy. Almost suspiciously so. Not that there isn’t enough in my life to be happy, but you know, it’s Monday…I put to down to the arrival of spring.

Curiously, the same thing happens the next day. And the following. That week I notice I’m less tense and angry. Something that would have me foaming at the mouth now elicits an eye roll- at the most.

Mid week and I’m beginning to suspect that it’s nothing to do with spring. After a week I have no doubt that the calm feeling is a direct result of a reflexology session with Iuliana. When she invited me to try it I was interested but did not expect long lasting results. I thought it was a lovely way to relax but it seems that I got more that I bargained for- in a good way.

When Iuliana starts working on my foot, I lay there with my mind racing as usual although I try and make myself not to think about work. Half an hour later, I’m floating on cloud nine in a blissful state of relaxation.

Iuliana uses the Ingham Method which involves working the reflect points by applying thumb pressure in a steady press-hold- release sequence. As a massage addict, I’m not a stranger to different techniques yet no massage so far left me in such a deep state of relaxation. It’s Saturday and I would normally run a list of errands (dry cleaning, food shopping etc), yet that day I decide to let it all go. The French and I end up watching a Korean movie and eating take away noodles. It feels great.

I read information that Iuliana sends me and do my own research, too. It seems that reflexology is a known and proven way to reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing. It is also said that the results are cumulative and with further treatment the relaxed state becomes part of your life.

I’m sold. I love that feeling of calm despite being in the eye of the storm on a daily basis. I’ve now booked a face reflexology session with Iuliana and I’ll write about it soon.

And now, please excuse me while I sit with my morning coffee in the sun, feeling blissfully happy.
Juliana is a full member of Associaton of Reflexologist. You can book a session with her at : 07914 767 062.

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  1. Sunday April 17th, 2016 / 08:31 PM

    Sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing, I think your blog is great by the way, let me know if you would like to follow each other! x

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