M y lovely girlfriends, this will be a rather short post because tomorrow I’m off to Amsterdam for a longish weekend and I’m simply too excited to think about anything else. I just got my flights and checked in, and now my head is full of the usual problems of what to pack and how to best spend my four days in the this iconic Dutch city. Tulips, start blooming! I’m coming!

cote de gascogne (1 of 1)-2

cote de gascogne (1 of 1)-3If you have been to Amsterdam and want to share your experience or offer friendly advice, please leave a comment or email me. Maybe some of you are from Amsterdam and know some great places to visit where tourists don’t usually go, some amazing shopping places, the best coffee in town, a bar with the best cocktails? I’d love to see them all. I don’t want to miss anything!

cote de gascogne (1 of 1)


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cote de gascogne

Côtes De Gascogne Gros Manseng-Sauvignon. Well, this one is something I call BARGAIN-TASTIC! I just discovered it in Tesco. It’s from their “Tesco Finest” range and now on offer for £6.49! Great stuff for the price, juicy, fruity, fragrant… It reminds me the style of Marlborough Sauvignons from over a decade ago. More rich than the current popular Sauvignons, thanks to the addition of Gros Manseng, with big tropical fruit salad on the nose, pineapple, peach, mango, and with lush but dry and fresh palate. When I gave it Ana to try she exclaimed “Wow! It tastes like the Montana ten years ago (our favourite NZ wine when we were in our early 20’s ). Yummy!”

Seriously, don’t miss it. Get a bottle before they run out.cote de gascogne-4

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