For the past few years, comes September, I get a new handbag.  Somehow a new bag marks the begnning of a new chapter, metaphorical back to school- and to reality. This year, with September almost gone, I’m still unsure which one I’d like to get.

It felt really refreshing in the summer, eschewing designer bag for a simple straw bag (from Primark, no less). I realised that I don’t like visible logos and all that hardware.  All the Guccis and Michaels of the world are simply not for me.

For a bit I was obsessed with new Chanel Gabrielle bag, only because I saw a short film staring Julia Restoin Roitfeld. You know the one when she comes home chatting on the phone, taking stuff from her new bag, girls tutu and a toy, saying she’s forgotten something, and then realising she’s forgotten her daughter. That one. Yet, when I tried it on at Heathrow, it felt too…much, with all the chains attached to it. I decided it wasn’t for me.

So Im back to square one. To be honest, I AM eyeing a new bag from celling with with that rose tag, I may be saving for it until next September.


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