If you remember this jacket from Paris & I story back in March, your memory serves you well. March came and went in a wirlwind of preparation for Paris Fashion Week, shopping (I was not allowed to set up a camp at Selfridges), traveling and all that jazz.  We are in the middle of April (just a friendly reminder) and with warmer weather, out came my Isabel Marant Milford jacket.

Isabel Marant Milford jacket

Isabel Marant Milford jacket

Isabel Marant Milford jacket

Isabel Marant Milford jacket

Isabel Marant Milford jacket

To say that The French hates it, is an understatement. In our Polish- French alliance there’re quite a few things he dislikes- like my propensity to drink large quantities of fermented potatoes on the rocks- but this jacket in his view is destined to room 101.

But what can I say when it reminds me of Napoleonic army jackets? If you visited Les Invalides army museum you will recognise an echo of another century. For more visual references there’s always BBC’s War & Peace with an added glitz and glamour of the Imperial Russia.

It’s a statement piece so I kept everything simple. Skinnies had a surprising effect of turning this jacket into Michael Jackson’s costume- Trish spotted it and I fully agree. So when in Paris I updated my denim collection and a wide leg pair I’m wearing here feels fresh and modern.

In the summer I’ll wear it with cut offs and t-shirt. I think it’ll look particularly good thrown over a summer dress- kind of effortless and nonchalant vibe. So very French, non?



  1. Wednesday April 20th, 2016 / 06:38 AM

    I love your style! Also, your jacket!

  2. Thursday April 21st, 2016 / 08:26 AM

    You look so nice! Love the jacket! It’s just the absolutely perfect french style! 🙂
    XO from Germany 🙂

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