I am obsessed with planes and everything that goes with them. My favourite is the French Rafale fighter but really, any plane will do. Hello Dreamliner! Good morning Airbus A330 on the way to Heathrow.


Whilst I am also obsessed with my Emerson Fry pilot pants (they deserve a separate post), it is a pair of overalls that’s my holy grail of pilot inspired clothes. I love them and I often imagine myself in that perfect pair, looking impossibly cool, aviators on (fancy dress part alert!) strolling towards my imaginary jet.


Yet I am finding it difficult to find overalls that don’t make me look like a haystack. Given my five foot two inches frame (five foot two and a half when I feel tall), jumpsuits tend to swamp me. I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect pair, hoping to find the one that would make me look more like a pilot and less like a plumber at work. There was a lovely Bershka in army green (perfect until I put it on), a few Zara ones in various shades of black (as above) and recently a navy Topshop number (ditto).


The pair I’m wearing comes pretty close. I think the key is the soft silky material that doesn’t bulge anywhere. Its pretty wide at the hip which means that I can only just about get away with wearing flats but I think high heels would make it lose that laid back factor.


I am already eyeing up a winter number. Funds permitting, I would love the grey Isabel Marant but the H&M khaki long sleeve number will do just as well.