Just before Christmas I decided to clean out my closet. Over the past year I’ve amassed clothes I knew I was never going to wear and no, I’m not talking about one off couture items (wouldn’t that be nice :)). Rather- I used to buy clothes in a hopeless belief they would make me look as good as six foot seven stone model wearing the same stuff. I would bring home tight tops which look marvelous when covering protruding collarbones and slouchy t-shirts which hang beautifully on boobless (my spell check shows me that that’s not even a word) frames. No wonder I was feeling fat.

I’ve had inklings before. Like that time I went to Paris Fashion Week (you are read about it here and here) when I wore my suede men’s like shirt, leather pants and camel coat. I know it’s so obvious- find what suit you and stick to it. Yet, at times things are just too obvious to the point of being invisible.

London style

London style -1-3

London style

London style

London style

So I was ruthless. Out, out, out. I left only these items that make me look good and feel fabulous. And suddenly, in one afternoon I went from from “I have nothing to wear” to “I have so much nice stuff I don’t know what to wear first”. I promised myself I would only buy shapes that suited me.

So slightly panic stricken I begun reading Vogue article “Calling time on skinny jeans”. What? What? I was going to wear the dreaded “mum” jeans? Maybe someone of Jane Birkin physic would look good in them but I would just look mumsy. Fashion, you’ve done me over again.

But no, as it turned out at further reading, that that’s not really the case. Apparently, we will soon be wearing high rise, straight leg, old fashion fit. Think vintage Levis 505, Lee or Wrangler. That, I can do! Slim hip, straight leg Wranglers were my teenage heroes, coupled with many pairs of chunky high tops (my shoe addiction was apparent from an early age). I’m all for return of the 90’s but can I have my former weight, too? That would be really handy when I decide to wear these spaghetti strap slip dresses…

But until I raid the nearest Wrangler shop, I’m wearing my Zara motorcycle skinnies. I coupled them with made to measure flying jacket (belonging to my mother, no less) and aviators for an obvious take on Top Gun. Next target- Wrangler store. No reconnaissance mission needed- I already know I’m going to love them.

I’m wearing: 

Made to measure jacket

Zara jeans 

LK Bennet boots 

Ray Ban sunglasses 

H&M t-shirt 


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