A week of fantastic news!

This was, and still is a very a good week for me. Of course, there was the 8th of March, International Woman’s Day, and just this one was a good reason to celebrate and take the day off, which I did, and spent the whole day chilling out.

But that’s not all! There was some fantastic news as well.

DEUTZ (1 of 5)


So, the first great news was that a new baby arrived in my family and I’ve become an aunt for the first time! YEY! The second, I passed my wine exam! YEY double YEY! Third, my hubby also passed his finance exam! Triple YAY! And the forth the spring came, today was super sunny and a whopping 17°C! HOOORARRRRH!

DEUTZ (3 of 5)

This deserves some Champagne!

We are drinking Deutz Brut Nv tonight! And as I found out in a tasting last week, it’s delicious. This was also the favoured champ of Queen Victoria, so we are celebrating at royal level.

DEUTZ (4 of 5)

DEUTZ (2 of 5)


This bubbly combines finesse with elegance and the skilful blending of champagne achieved only by the well-established Champagne Houses. This is a light and fruity champagne with a good mouth feel of concentrated stone fruit and citrus flavours, with just touch of white flowers and biscuits.

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