I haven’t been shopping for almost month. For a fashion blogger that’s quite something, non? I mean, I did check out the shops in the name of research couple of weeks ago but honestly, I’m not able to tell you what’s the latest offering in Zara or even my beloved Selfridges. Last month flew by so fast I could hardly say June and here we are, already in the middle of July.

dior shirt -1-9

dior shirt -1-7

dior shirt -1-8

dior shirt -1-2

dior shirt -1-4

diro shirt -1

dior shirt -1

The time is supposed to slow down in the summer but I haven’t seen any signs of that yet. Not that I’m complaining! But recently my weeks got so busy that I’ve hardly had the time to consider what I was going to wear every day. So I’ve been resorting to a uniform of sorts. Sometimes chic (silk cafe latte color shirt and blush skirt anyone?) sometimes a bit boring (that would be a white shirt, black skirt and a string of pearls) my shirts are my army- dependable and always ready (courtesy to our local dry cleaning place).

The blue Dior shirt I’m wearing on the photo is by far my favorite one. Maybe because it has a history. It’s a wonderful feeling, shopping your own closet for those special, one of a kind pieces. Every time I pick them up – like my cashmere Joseph jumper I bought as present to myself when I got married to The French, a celebration of a grown up life- I delve into a place where I can turn off the background noise and it’s just me and my own emotions.

I nicked this shirt from my father many years ago. It went so well with a grey wool suit I had on me at the start of a Balkan adventure, a long stormy chapter I love to remember. It looked beautifully casual, paired with a white bikini. I wore it on a boat, in a submarines resting place where deep cold waters of a bay were painted a thousand shades of blue. If not for the mountains plunging straight into the water, you wouldn’t notice where the sky ended and the sea begun. I wore it in a sweltering heat of Miami, padding barefoot onto balcony in Bal Harbour, a turquoise ocean stretching in front of my eyes to where the horizon curved.

Today I paired the shirt with slim boyfriend jeans and sky high heels. A controversial pairing you may think, a bit over the top but I like it nevertheless. The blue of my shirt so beautiful in the light of a rising sun. I plan to wear it until it’s threadbare- and beyond.

I’m wearing:

Dior shirt

Mohito jeans

Isabel Marant heels

Dior sunglasses

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