See you in Paris- said Trish on Friday and I couldn’t help but smile. Paris here I come!









I’m back in the land of cheekbones, tousled hair and sexy policemen (sorry, I can’t help it). This time we are living two minutes from the Eiffel Tower and to hell with cliches. I love it!

Did you know about Paris syndrome? It’s a psychological disorder caused by a collision of idealised picture of Paris and the noisy chaotic reality of living there. Apparently Japanese embassy even runs a 24h helpline for it’s citizens affected by the syndrome.

I can see how one could be disappointed. Arc de Triomphe is in the middle of an extremely busy roundabout. There are hundreds of tourists under the Eiffel Tower, all chasing the same romantic vision. And you should see the queue to the Louvre…But on the other hand, Paris is so beautiful in a way French people seem to excel at. Charming but in no way kitsch or twee. Grand and majestic yet not at all cumbersome…During my first visit I did wonder what was the fuss about? Now I’ve learned that to experience Paris at it’s best is to rent a private apartment in a beautiful neighbourhood and try to live like a local (sans problems and reality of a day to day life of curse).

Sometimes Paris is like The French to me- moody and dark yet so incredibly magnetic I can’t resist it’s pull, time and again.

I’m wearing;

cocktail dress- custom made

heels- Jimmy Choo

Clutch- Anya Hindmarch

Sunglasses- Dior

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