Did you ever try to put on a make up on a train? Or in the station loo? A string of recent 5.30am starts left me with no choice but to do just that. When the choice is a cup of coffee to help me open my eyes or to spend that time applying make up, there are no prices for guessing what takes priority. Without coffee there is a danger I would get on a high speed train to say, Manchester. Next stop- Rugby, an hour away from London.

Of course a slap dash application of make up in a tiny compact mirror can give interesting results, too. A few times I caught a stranger looking at me only to go into a panic mode thinking -do I look like a Russian matryoshka with full on rosy cheeks courtesy of Mac blusher?

Something had to be done about it. The easiest answer was to go without make up. But how??? I mean, I may as well go to work naked! I have never, ever in my career turned up at work without the war paint.

But imagine how easy it would be- my inner voice quipped. And think about the freedom- after all that’s what you’re all about isn’t it?- it added.

I was sold after spending half an hour admiring a female judge at court the other day. Apart from her being super nice and super clever, she also looked like a blond version of Emmanuelle Alt. And just like her she was sporting a beautiful tan. She was simply fabulous and I kept looking at her in a “I want to be her when I grow up” awe.

So I decided to give it a try. The tools? New Lumiere D’Ete Illumination powder by Chanel, Lancôme Flash Bronzer self tan and Clinique Chubby Stick baby Tint 03 in Budding Blossom. I have been a fan of Chanel Les Beiges bronzer for over a year now and decided to try the new illuminating powder in a shape of iconic Chanel camellia. The result is a truly glowing, healthy looking skin without any sparkle. Think mother of pearl rather than glitter. I’ve been using Lancôme Flash Bronzer for years and every time I put it on, I get complements how rested and healthy my face looks. I’m also a big fan of color enhancing balms like Clinique. I used Dior before, which I also liked but once Clinique balm came out I decided to give it a try. It’s a clever one, enhancing rather than covering your natural color. It comes in three shades and it looks different on everyone.

I must admit I cheated a little bit because I need to use a concealer on my chin but other than that I went without foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner (forget about applying eyeliner on the train) and all the other usual suspects. I put on concealer (I use Flash Bronzer gel every second day at night) then dust Chanel powder all over my face and a bit more under my cheekbones. I also apply a tiny bit in the eye sockets to replace eyeshadow. Then Clinique balm and I was done. In less then five minutes!

How did I feel? Actually I forgot that I was wearing (almost) no make up. Nothing to hide behind if you don’t count concealer but it was really fine. But how did I look? I really liked it, actually. I looked glowing and rested despite a few more 5am starts. Those of you who are thirty will probably relate when I say it knocked a few years of my face. Totally #iwokeuplikethis. I think I’ll be rocking it for the rest of this summer.


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