Girls, meet Iuliana, the woman who (quite literally) saved my face. No, I haven’t done anything embarrassing (well, I have but the skeletons are safely in my closet) so that she had to rescue me. Iuliana is – or rather was until very recent – a therapist at FaceGym. Those of you who visit us often know that I’m a big fan of FaceGym (www.facegym.com). I credit it with having my face back.

Iuliana has recently become a face trainer for FaceGym, teaching new therapists their amazing techniques in preparation for FaceGym expansion.

I asked to interview her and she very kindly agreed. She has so much knowledge about holistic world and beauty, wanting to bring together both worlds for benefits of her clients. And so welcome to our new series – a beauty chat with Iuliana.

Ana: How did you become interested in beauty and holistic world?

Iuliana: I started with foot reflexology as a method to help people heal from inside out by working on their feet. I studied back in Romania and here, in London. In time more clients were requesting other therapies such as body massage and facials. It went from there. I joined Pure Massage where I had a wonderful training. I don’t think I ever got a more complex holistic education and because of it I love what I practice today.

Ana: Tell me about your technique in face massage.

Iuliana: At the moment the face massage I offer in my practice is a mix of holistic touch and gentle lifting techniques. It is both relaxing and anti-aging/face sculpting.

We know now muscular tension in our face and body is connected with many things such as stress, emotional pain as well as physical movement or stagnation. I work on the face, around neck, jaw line etc, but it’s important to understand and be aware that also skin problems and/or loss of muscle tone is connected with an event most likely connected with emotions of upset, loss, sadness, fear.

Face Gym

I believe in using good skin care products but it is also important to look inside and work with our emotions. Our bodies are powerful and can heal; they just need time and good environment. In complementary therapies we believe that our bodies can undo the damage. But there are no quick fixes.

The world we live right now is quite tough for the human soul. I don’t believe in harsh treatments in general and drastic and harsh facial procedures. I think we have plenty of this in our jobs and our lives. I believe in gentle, non-invasive treatments to solve skin concerns and the rest is about compassion and love towards us.

Ana: For me it gets easier as I get older. I used to be so hard on myself whereas now I think – it’s ok, you’re doing fine.

Iuliana: Yes, I too like that aspect of getting older – it is compassion for who we are and how we look. Consider the whole of us: physical aspect as well as soul.

Ana: Before coming across FaceGym I had no idea that you can work on your facial muscles. I thought that once my face started heading south the only way for me was Botox and fillers. But now because of FaceGym my face has gone back to what it was before.

Iuliana: Our job as therapists in general and face trainers in particular with FaceGym is to educate people and bring new innovative ways to help women and men stay healthy and young.

These days FaceGym launches FaceCamp; we collaborate with The Juicery and WelleCo. We offer the hands on and non-invasive devices for the facial workout and we empower people to prepare their own juices together with nourishing greens and protein powders from WelleCo. My favorite has organic cacao powder. I call it my compassionate and anti-oxidant beauty powder

Ana: You also represent Eberlin Biological Cosmetics. Tell me about this brand.

Iuliana: When I started to use Eberlin I saw amazing results and I wanted to introduce them to my clients. Their motto is: “Beauty through health”. I knew this is the skin care brand I want to work with. Eberlin uses pure natural ingredients, high concentration of active compounds and I absolutely love the range of organic essential oils. And the best of all we can personalize your skincare.

Do you remember Odacite oil I gave you for your spots at Face Gym?

Ana: Of course! I used to use very harsh gels to get rid of spots which caused my skin to peel. Thanks to the oil I saw amazing results but without the harsh effect on my skin.

Iuliana: With Eberlin we can create your specific beauty potion. We design your specific product by mixing different serums according to your skin needs.


Ana: Will you introduce Eberlin to Face Gym?

Iuliana: Trying At Face Gym we use unique products during treatments and for home use as well as advanced workout techniques.

Eberlin Biocosmetics is a beautiful skin care brand for face and body, as well as providing beauty drinks and supplements, slimming/firming body products and address skin care problems.

Ana: But you have another project going on at the moment…

Iuliana: I’ve just started working with cancer patients in a medical environment. I offer foot and face reflexology and massage. My interest is to have in depth knowledge of the effects of complementary therapies on people who are ill, in particular people who suffer with different forms of cancer.

Ana: I would love if we could do an interview just on this topic alone.

Iuliana: I would like that, too.

Ana: You also work for yourself.

Iuliana: Yes, I work with iamYiam, which is a new science-based natural health, and wellbeing community, health advisor and engagement platform. It launched this month. I offer a mix of holistic and beauty treatments using Eberlin Biocosmetics.

Ana: I’ve tried different therapists but your touch is superb and it really works for me.

Iuliana: Thank you. I think everyone can learn that providing they have a good training. I was lucky to have face and body training with Beata Aleksandrowicz.

In time I developed few new techniques and an awareness people know best. I believe every person has an innate knowledge and power to heal and as a therapist I follow your lead, respect and enhance your beauty.

In terms of techniques, I change those from client to client and from treatment to treatment. Products and facial techniques can’t be imposed and is more productive to empower people with knowledge about skin care and health in general.

I believe in teaching people what to do on a daily basis, like for example stimulating pressure points (here Iuliana demonstrates what to do and it does look deceptively simple), or techniques to apply products. It can be very simple yet so effective.

Ana: Did you find that some clients love the results so much that they won’t go back for Botox or filers (I’m including myself in this category).

Iuliana: Some clients would postpone Botox and other anti-ageing procedures for a while and research alternatives. Once they find us and they are happy with the results, there is no need for a quick and temporary fix. As part of your lifestyle our treatments offer a non-invasive approach with a promise for natural look.

At FaceGym we have the newest technology, radiofrequency and laser machines as well as amazing therapists, techniques and skincare. It’s a full arsenal to make our clients look great.

Of course there will be clients who still have Botox, filers and cosmetics surgery. Those clients tell that they need to maintain the results so they come to see us. It’s like with liposuction – you cannot have one and expect to be slim for life. You need to maintain it.

Ultimately, everyone should do what is necessary to make them feel happy.

Ana: I will always credit you and FaceGym for getting me my face back. It sounds so vain but it’s difficult to let go of your looks when it opens so many doors.

Iuliana: It’s very much about confidence. The confidence you look well because you saw the difference we can offer with FaceGym treatments.

Furthermore, confidence comes also from knowledge, and your understanding of basic skin care ingredients and facial techniques. On top of all these is recognition of beautiful aspects of your physical body e.g. good skin, great face contour, beautiful smile and eyes etc.

Ana: Certain looks are being promoted on social media and girls can be quite susceptible to it. They want bigger and bigger lips or bigger boobs, trying to reach certain ideal. Take Kardashians – so many girls trying to look like them with full lips, long lashes, and contoured face.

Iuliana: I think the Kardashians are beautiful women. I would have loved to look like them but I don’t. There’re also other beauty models. Princess Diana could be another model and look up for similar sensitivity, gentleness or other feminine qualities.

We maybe can define beauty starting with what we appreciate about ourselves. A therapist can help and show you great beauty aspects of your face/body. You can take it from there and improve whatever you believe is required. But to put a pressure on yourself to achieve a certain look is simply too much. It’s about joy and experience and I think this is where the holistic aspect comes into play.

You are unique. I love the diversity; imagine all of us looking like Kardashians! You have your own beauty.

Ana: Your skin of course looks amazing.

Iuliana: I have more compassion towards my skin. I didn’t use to. I learnt many brands use harsh ingredients in their skincare and by using them every day the skin becomes more sensitive over time. There are useful resources such as Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Mercola.com to properly inform the public.  

People are now prepared to pay a bit extra for natural ingredients. Skin care brands align with people concerns and safety.

Ana: What foundation do you use?

Iuliana: Perricone MD. I came across it at Selfridges. It doesn’t just protect my skin through a cover but it makes it look so radiant. I love it. I think it’s important to use good products when we apply them every day to our skin.





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