“I like that” said The French pointing towards my Vogue Collections for s/s 2015, which was opened on the page dedicated to Michael Kors.

Leather trousers-chanel bag-1-7

“That” was a full skirt and a shirt tied in the waist. The whole look was rather glamorous, very feminine, an uptown girls going to the Hamptons kind of thing. I was surprised because so far when confronted with “dress or pants” choice (mine not his obv) he would always point to the trousers adding: “and the heels?”


I thought how ironic this is that he likes the way I used to dress a few years ago, full skirts, ladylike jackets in the array of creams, beiges, taupes and sands. Sure, I’ve not changed my style overnight but being a little bit older now, I find myself wanting to dress with a certain edge. Somehow that cashmere t-shirt, cream pencil skirt and a rope of pearls, which I rocked in my early twenties, now ages me by a decade.


I look at the way my mother dresses and think how perfectly balanced she looks, mixing her Isabel Marant leather pants with grey t-shirt and tweed jacket, Marant Dicker boots in camel, the same color as her man inspired classic coat. She puts her outfits together at the last moment and they are very intuitive but even the most elegant of them will have something “off beat” about it, something edgy.

Leather trousers-chanel bag-1-4

As for me, I think I’ve come a full circle. I think I’m now often dressed like I was when I was in my early twenties. That’s not necessarily a bad thing even if only because my clothes are of better quality.


When I was 20 I was “with a band” (I can’t play for love nor money but my then boyfriend was a drummer) and so had certain standards to maintain. I had selection of leather clothes, including leather pants and coat, which I insisted on wearing together. Misguided is the nicest I can put it but at least I wasn’t afraid of looking different.



The ultimate rock chick is of course Kate Moss. The coolest girl in town, she does edgy with style and sass, never looking overdone or as if she is trying too hard. Avid fan of her style, I’ve put together a few rules for that rock chic style that can take you from lunch with the girls to an evening with your man.




@Leather pants- that’s an item you probably already have in your closet. Kate favors that skinny, long legged look courtesy of Balmain (and nicely done by Zara, too).


Leather trousers-chanel bag-1-16

@Ankle boots-she’s been doing them since the late 90’ with virtually everything -from skinnies to leather pants. They don’t have to be black but make sure they look sharp. Frumpy need not apply.


@Animal print- be it a coat, a skirt or a blouse, Kate Moss made animal print one of the neutrals thus ensuring that it alway looks timeless. It doesn’t have to be leopard print- python effect or zebra print rock, too.

Leather trousers-chanel bag-1-19

Leather trousers-chanel bag-1-18

@Tousled hair- did you notice how Kate never looks as if she spent hours at the hairdressers? I don’t know her secret but I’ll tell you mine- it’s Kerastase Spray a Porter. I’ve only discovered it two weeks ago I now I know why Kate was chosen to front the campaign. It gave me that artfully messy, effortless look I was after, which only took as long as drying my hair.

Leather trousers-chanel bag-1-9


@Style over fashion. With Kate, it’s almost never about fashion only. Sure, she will pick an element or two from current trends to incorporate into her look but she’s not afraid to go vintage or wear clothes she’s had in her closet for eternity. Because beautiful clothes are beautifully clothes, doesn’t matter if they are in fashion or not.


How about you? What is your style? We’d love to know!

On the photos I’m wearing Zara faux leather pants, Uniqlo jumper (men’s department), L.K.Bennet ankle boots and a coat from Emanuela. 



  1. Wednesday February 11th, 2015 / 09:27 PM

    Love your post and your style! Just happened to stumble across your blog and Love it, hope you have a fab week!


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