Leave me to my own devices and I will undoubtedly find the best shop in town. Over the weekend Trish and I were invited by a friend to Henley-on-Thames for a girls’ weekend.

With my phone dying on me on Friday evening (and no prospects of getting a new one before Monday), I decided to enjoy the forced digital detox (it wasn’t easy at the beginning) and happily indulged in shopping, eating and drinking.

We were walking around the town, ready to settle somewhere for dinner when I noticed a pair of skinny black denim and a deep cut silk top hanging on the display window. “This is where we’re going”- I said crossing the road, dragging friends in my wake.

360 cashmere

The boutique turned out to be a shopper’s dream, full of handpicked cashmere pieces from known and lesser known brands, camel coats, great denim and silk tops. Whoever’s a buyer for this place is doing a wonderful job (the boutique is called Fluidity F2 and has an e-shop, which I’m not that impressed with- it seems to lack the cool pieces they store in the shop).

I was stroking a cashmere Maxmara Weekend grey jumper when I saw “my” piece. Navy, crew neck, masculine looking jumper was calling me by my name.  It reminded me of a jumper I nicked from my father when I was a teenager and happily wore it until it fell apart. This piece was from 360 Cashmere, which I knew because of one of my favourite Instagram stars, Rocky Barnes. I tried it on and made a split second decision. It was going home with me.

Trish also got a top from Jumper 1234. I didn’t know abut the brand before so I checked out their website. It’s the coolest! Full of drawings in Garance Dore style and some Insta snaps, I’ll have it in mind next time when I shop for a cashmere. The only problem seems to be that you cannot buy anything online.

BTW, Trish and I decided to change for a dinner into our new buys. If this is not a sign of great shopping, I don’t know what is 🙂

I’m wearing; Jumper- 360 Cashmere

Denim- Diesel (men’s department)

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