There is a new party dress in town. Her name is tuxedo. OK, technically it’s not new and its not a dress but as party outfits go, this is THE ONE to wear this December.

There is nothing wrong with a feather skirt (I’m eyeing up white one from Club Monaco) which makes you want to dance, or a satin dress with spaghetti straps that hints heavily at 90’s Kate Moss era. Even sequins & co are great- if you pair them with a white shirt, that is.

But if you are tired of lugging to the office a separate “party” bag which contains a dress, shoes, something to throw over your shoulders (In case you are nipping outside for a moment. Just saying!), straighteners, make up bag…I may just tempt you to try out the tux.

It’s effortless. Easy. Glamorous in a non-obvious way. Do you remember Angelina Jolie wearing Saint Laurent tux when she attended this year BAFTAs in London? Actually, I only remember her and her outfit. All the try hard gowns faded from my memory the moment I turned off my laptop.


Tux will set you apart from other women in the room. It will whisper quietly that the wearer is a confident, self- assured woman. It will convey certain nonchalance. You didn’t have to dress up in your Sunday best. You look fabulous all day long, anyway. And really, you only stopped by for a while, on your way to someplace cool.


So how do your wear it? I will start with my personal favorite hero- the white shirt. The key to this look is to avoid at all cost stretchy fitted shirts, or you will look like you are on the way to the boardroom.

Your shirt has to be loose so steal it from your man. It has to be obvious it’s his. It will make you look like you’ve spent a night at your lover’s place and borrowed his shirt in the morning. No one will dare to ask you so let them wonder. You don’t care what they think. You threw on his shirt, put on your black heels and a lipstick and you are ready to go. Well, almost. Here are my rules to nail this look:

  • Unbutton your shirt to indecent or borderline decent degree- after all you are headed to a party.
  • Wear a black lace soft cup bra underneath (for bigger boobs, underwire will achieve the same effect). Push ups- avoid, avoid, avoid!
  • Wear it half tucked (see my photos for details).
  • You can roll up the sleeves for extra nonchalance points-see Emmanuelle Alt for a masterclass in an art of sleeve rolling.


  • On the photo I’m wearing a black ribbon to imitate loose man’s tie.

Of course, there are some of you that won’t like white shirt and no amount of convincing will change that. How about an underwear as outerwear? May I suggest a silk top bought in a lingerie department?

You can wear it half tucked with a beaten up leather belt. I bought mine to wear to Trisha’s wedding (white shirt and tux were obviously reserved for the groom). When I told her what I was going to wear she wasn’t convinced but at the end she liked it a lot. For even better effect you can push up the sleeves of your jacket.


For those of you who are going for drinks in a pub near your office, worry not as there is another option. I love to wear my tux in a casual way paired with a t-shirt. As with the shirt, I  prefer my tee slightly oversized and a little slouchy. And I keep my heels on.

And finally, for Kates and Caras of this world…Nothing but La Perla lace bra under your jacket- if you brave enough. I know I’m not…


I’m wearing Burberry tux jacket, Mango trousers and Jimmy Choo shoes. The white shirt is from Zara, silk top from Vannina Vesperini and my t-shirt is from Zoe Karsson.




  1. Albertine
    Monday December 8th, 2014 / 09:45 AM

    Great inspirational post, love wearing tuxedos especially during Holidays!

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