When I got up this morning the log fire was already burning in the living room, making it the coziest place on Earth. Snow started falling in thick, heavy flakes and the temperature plummeted. Our family festivities started on 24th December, went on full steam yesterday and will continue tonight (help!) but for now, swaddled in my overseized Zara scarf, I’m taking a well deserved break.


Since I bought this scarf I take it everywhere with me. A plane journey? Into the bag it goes. Shopping? Artfully drapped around my neck. Relaxing on a sofa? Now we talking…

zara scarf zoe karsson t-shirt 1-4486

This year was pretty crazy for me. I’ve finalised one venture and started three new ones, including this blog with my best friend Trish, as well as my own business.  So by the end of December my head is spinning and all I want is to sleep, eat and read books.

zara scarf zoe karsson t-shirt 2-4489

For now I’m reading. Later on I will put on my heels and my new skirt from Topshop, a blush pink  A line affair which takes me back to 70’s but with a modern twist- raw edges.

Topshop skirt & zara scarf 1-4405

I will throw on my scarf and we will go for a walk in the garden,  looking for stars on the winter sky.


zara scarf. ralp lauren jeans, jimmy choo courts 1-4454

Tomorrow I will venture outside to visit friends. My blanket scarf will double up as poncho. I will belt it with an olive green military belt and balance the volume with Ralph Lauren Denim Supply Skinnies. We will eat, drink and forget about the world.


The holidays continue…


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  1. Monday January 19th, 2015 / 04:01 PM

    I love your scarf so badly! Really nice ideas!

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