Those of you who read my posts for a while know that I’m married to The French. In his white shorts and navy blue stripy jumper, he is a walking talking cliche about French guys. As my post about dating the French (here ) proved to be one of the most popular posts on this site, I thought I would write part II- three things to know when you are dating a Frenchman . Ready? If so…

Fasten your seatbelt 

The running joke is that you can buy any car in France as long as it’s a Peugeot. The French are very patriotic when it comes to choosing their four wheels. They then drive around the country as it it was their own private estate. Traffic rules are regarded as interesting suggestions, largely to be ignored. If you are a foreigner, fasten your seatbelt and try not to think about the impending doom. You may just be lucky.

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Strikes and protests 

are a national sport. At any given time someone will be exercising their holy rights. The nation’s attitude is perhaps best described by a little scene that played out between my man and me. The French came home one day and told me he went to a protest.

-Are universities on strike?- I asked incredulous. It turned out it was the NHS staff who was on strike so The French, out of solidarity joined them and followed them all the way to Westminster. This is a man who takes a cab to a corner shop.


are regarded as an affront to personal liberty. Any government enforcer is there to control the others who are getting in the way. One of the first laws imposed by the occupying Germans in Paris was to establish and enforce strict pedestrian crossings. The Third Reich was, from then on, doomed…

I, for one, don’t mind at all. Being a Pole, anarchy is my second name. Viva La Revolution! (but let’s not be hasty, shall we?).

I’m wearing:

Shirt- vintage

Tee- American Vintage

Denim; Ralph Lauren

Shoes; Isabel Marant

Bag; Chloe Marcia

Bracelets: Tiffany, Kruk


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