Przepraszamy, ten wpis jest dostępny tylko w języku Amerykański Angielski.

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  1. 17/08/15 / 21:47

    Congrats on several levels. You should be extremely proud of yourself, how could you not be. Isn’t the Atlas the best?! I have the narrow one as well. Unfortunately mine wasn’t self gift for a major accomplishment. My boyfriend gifted me mine for you birthday after I kept admiring & borrowing my moms. Don’t you just love that you hardly see it on any other girls? I hate when everyone has the same piece of jewelry. Again congrats on the practice & cute dress might I add.

    • admin
      18/08/15 / 20:40

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I know what you mean- someone will show a piece of jewellery on Instagram and suddenly it’s all the rage! I adore Atlas collection, it’s so elegant, and I’m glad it’s a little less known 🙂

    • admin
      18/08/15 / 20:43

      Thank you! 🙂 xx Ana

    • admin
      18/08/15 / 20:44

      Thank you Rachel for your kind words 🙂 xx Ana

    • admin
      21/08/15 / 16:43

      Thank you Carrie! 🙂 Ana

  2. 21/08/15 / 07:07

    Ana!! you are one fabulous lady!!! You are just so classy and gorgeous. Congrats honey!! xxx

    • admin
      21/08/15 / 16:44

      Thanks honey!!! xxx Ana

  3. 28/08/15 / 10:12

    These pics are just amazing. The Tiffany’s inspiration is very present but so beautiful! Gret, I love it!
    xx Pau

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