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  1. Jeannette
    14/01/16 / 07:49

    I love your blog …. Thank you. I’m
    Looking for tips on buying fitted leather pants. Do I go down a size or buy the tightest I can …. Because they will give after a few wears and can become sloppy. What tips can you give me? Thanking you.

    • Ana
      14/01/16 / 21:22

      Hi Jeanette, Thank you for your kind words! I think you are right, they do stretch a bit. My beloved Isabel Marant leather pants stretched after some time. I think it would be worth saving up some money on a good brand that does stretchy leather so they will still be tight and keep a good shape. Ana xx

      • Jeannette
        15/01/16 / 07:08

        Hi Ana. I was hoping you could give some style tips for women closer to 50. I’m in good shape and want to stay stylish and edgy. I …..like you love Emmanuel Alt’s style. Any tips ? Xxx

        • Ana
          16/01/16 / 12:17

          Hi Jeanette, I’ve spoken to my mum who is a big fan of leather trousers and she always looks stylish and edgy. She told me that if she buys leather pants from very soft leather, she always checks for the lining. The lining ensures that the trousers don’t stretch. If she buys pants from tougher leather, the lining doesn’t matter as they won’t stretch. One style tip I nicked from my mother is to wear my leather pants with tweed Chanel style jacket or a tuxedo and ankle boots. It’s now one of my favourite combinations 🙂 Ana xx

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