Trish told me once that she’d rather drink white wine than cheap champagne. I’m a polar opposite. I don’t care if I’m drinking Pol Roger or Heidsieck, I enjoy them both, equally. As much as I love sophistication of expensive champagne, I love its cheaper sibling, too.

Well, cashmere it’s pretty much in the same bag for me. As much as I love my Joseph jumpers (which are probably mid range at slightly over £200), I’m a great fan of more affordable brands. I used to shy away from them, thinking that cheaper cashmere was not worth buying but having I read Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange, I changed my mind. Ines, a French model, style icon and an aristocrat certainly has the means to afford designer cashmere, yet in her book she raves about Monoprix finds along more pricey Eric Bompard. Well, if it was good enough for Ines, it was good enough for me. And so I begun my quest for a quality yet affordable cashmere makers.

where to buy affordable cashmere

where to buy affordable cashmere

where to buy affordable cashmere

where to buy affordable cashmere

When it comes to London (or UK in general), it’s difficult to find cashmere under £100. My list below is very short yet if you are in the market for a new jumper, I think you’d easily choose something for yourself:

Uniqlo– I’ve been championing Uniqlo for years now for their extensive range of beautiful jumpers in my favourite colours of grey, navy, camel and black. I don’t buy their women’s range and in their stores I make a bee line for men’s crew neck selection. I love their utter simplicity and the way they look on me, quite severe, unadorned with just right amount of slouch. Don’t let anybody tell you that cheaper cashmere will quickly fall apart or loose shape. My oldest Uniqlo jumper is 5 years old now and it looks amazing. I take care of it, dry clean it (I’ve two bad experiences with cashmere and washing machine and I’m not risking it ever again) and fold it. I see no reason why I should’t wear it for another 5 years. Their prices oscillate around £69.

Dunedin Cashmere is a Scottish brand and Trish’s find. She bought their jumper for her husband and I forever tell her to steal it from him. My favourite ones are again from men’s range, round neck, soft, thin and slim fitted. Oats, charcoal or gunpowder would be my colours of choice. Their jumpers retail at £73.

Marks & Spencers cashmere used to be my brand of choice. They often had bright coloured range, which rather reminded me of Ralph Lauren but on budget. Whilst I moved onto the boys’ closet when it comes to jumpers, I’m currently eyeing up M&S women’s grey cashmere hoodie, which at £119 is a total steal. For those of you who prefer more feminine look, M&S have a great range of v neck jumpers at £89 and very elegant, Audrey esque button down cardigans at £85.

MaisonCashmere– I’ve only recently came across this brand so I can’t yet recommend it. I’ve been after a grey, cashmere t-shirt forever and they seem to have exactly what I want. I also saw their cashmere blankets, which are just pure indulgence at (relatively) reasonable price. I’ll update you once I’ve checked them out!

I’m always on a lookout for new brands so if you have a favourite, affordable cashmere brand share it with me!

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