Sitting down to write this post, my head suddenly became empty. I wanted to tell you so much- about Warsaw and meeting a new friend there, and about an immense changes I’m experiencing lately (both to my shock and delight).

classic grey coat

classic grey coat

classic grey coat

classic grey coat

Yet, maybe because thoughts make my head spin, I’m struggling to tell you a coherent story. So it’ll will have to wait for now until the story matures a bit or until I’ve had a good night sleep. I’m so tired that even my ability to make fun of everything has deserted me.

Crazy busy days of late call for a uniform of sorts. I’m secretly glad the summer is over because this means that my collection of coats and leather trousers can see the light of day again. They make dressing in the morning so wonderfully easy. A goof pair of shoes, a bag and some simple jewelry and I’m god to go.

A classic grey coat has been on my mid for ages. It has to be slightly masculine and draw some inspiration from a military “trend” (is it really a trend if it doesn’t go away to come back later?). The one I’m wearing today has been nicked from my mother (OK, I nicked it ) but I’ve been eyeing up a long M&S one for myself. I’ve also nicked from her a long, colarless tunic and her leather trousers. You may say I’ve turned into my mother, style wise. Which suits me just fine 🙂

I’m wearing;

Coat- Jadzia Doroba

Trousers Isabel Marant for H&M

Shoes Ba&Sh

Bag- Celine

Tunic- vintage

Bracelet- Tiffany


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