When my mother in law told me a few years ago that she used to be into nail art before she had children, I just shrugged my shoulders. What do you mean, no time to do nails? Surely, nobody is that busy!

Alas, I’m having to eat my words now. I haven’t seen a manicurist in months, preferring to spend my spare time being relaxed and anti-aged by Iuliana. Spray tans, pedicures- all went out the window. But that doesn’t mean I’ve let myself go! Here is a review of my favourite beauty products which simplified my beauty routine and made my life so much easier.

Dior Huile Abricot Daily Nutritive Serum and Dior Nail Glow 

I’ve given up on trying to find time to have a manicure done or trying to do it myself when I’m back home in the evening. Every time I promised myself I’d get up earlier to paint my nails, I went to the office with bare fingernails and no amount of Opi in Samoan Sand was going to change it. If I have a spare time at lunch, I’d rather be in my local hairdresser salon, having my hair blow dried into submission.

beauty products to make your life easier

Dior serum is the closest I’ve come to a professional manicure. I usually do my cuticles once a week after a bath and file my nails short. I started treating my nails and cuticles at least once a day with this serum and I still can’t believe the difference it makes.  I used to pick on my cuticles which left them really messy and dry but this serum makes them look like I’ve just come back from the salon. Dior has also cuticle cream which I haven’t try but it’s next on my list after I finish the serum.

Dior Nail Glow is another wonder product for DYI manicures. Just one coat brings out the pink in my nails and makes them look like I’ve had a French manicure without the tackiness of a thick white tip.

Too many times I’ve done my nails only to notice the polish has chipped in the last appropriate moment. I hate that because it makes me look like I’ve actually left the house with chipped nails  and I can’t afford to look sloppy.  With Dior Nail Glow there’s none of this business and my nails look fresh and groomed until my next DIY manicure.

I love that I can achieve that look of groomed, clean nails in 2 minutes  flat. That’s how long it takes to paint them with Na Glow, dry them and apply the serum. A winner!

St Tropez In Shower tanning lotion 

Fake tanning is another one that takes the hit when my days get super busy. I’m a big fan of tans from the bottle as I have very pasty skin. I must have gone though all fake tans available on the UK market and have my favourite ones for when I actually have time to lounge around waiting for the tan to develop. St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan has been a godsend. You apply it to wet skin, wait three minutes and wash it off. It takes couple of times for the tan to build but there’s definitely a golden glow even after one application.

beauty products make life easier

The con is really only one (if you don’t count the price- it’s not the cheapets and it goes really fast whereas the “normal” bottle can last for ages) – freezing in the shower during the requisite three minutes wait. Pros are multiple- no smell, no smudges (totally foolproof), no waiting time and no weird patches after a few days- it simply fades evenly.

St Tropez has now released a darker tone version but it didn’t really work for me so I’m sticking with my golden glow.

Exfoliating socks 

I used a Polish brand Clarena but I’ve heard that Footner is rather quite good so I’m waiting for my Amazon order. First time I tried it, I didn’t think the socks were working. What a con- I thought and made a mental note not to fall for it again. But after a few days my skin started peeling a little. Then a little more. I’ve heard that some women would shed patches of old skin but this wasn’t the case with me. Regardless of how the skin came off, soon I woke up with soft baby soft feet and needless to say, I’m a complete convert now.

This one is not super fast as it takes a few days for the socks to work and you may not be able to wear sandals during that time. No biggie in London however, the weather has been pretty awful for the past few weeks. I much prefer it to sitting in the salon, watching the paint dry (literally) before putting my shoes on and going home to repaint my toenails- every time.

Do you have favourite beauty products that makes your life easier? Share it with us!


  1. Michèle says:

    oh I heard so many good things about St Tropez products!

  2. That’s a really nice selection. I’m also a big fan of Chanel Les Beiges foundation as well as OPI nail varnishes. This gradual tan in shower didn’t work for me, but I only had a sample, so hard to say really. Great reviews x

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