Ombre? So 2014. Move over bronde. There are new trends in town and it’s time you got familiar (if not friendly) with them.  My hairdresser, Louis has hinted at the change for a while now. That shameless blonde I was sporting for months wasn’t his doing  (it was rather necessity after I’ve given myself DYI disastrous highlights) and ever since I became his client he was gently taking me in a different direction, first bronde, later a paired down blonde with darker, soft roots. You must have seen this trend around, a painted on darker root, gently fading into beach blonde, with highlights shoot through the top section. It looks so effortless.

But once you bleach your hair, that bottle blonde has a pesky a habit of showing up time and again. It happened to me, too. I was very aware of dissonance in my daily look. My head belonged to the beach. The rest was firmly in the courtroom. Add to it my obsession with Chanel Les Beiges bronzer and the only was is Essex…

Celine bag

LK Bennet boots

Celine bag

Celine bag

Celine bag

Last Saturday, after an “assessment meeting” over a coffee, Louis turned up at my house with a bag full of magic. There are some things which are difficult to go back from and a home hairdresser visit must be one of them. After pastries and coffee, it was time for a makeover.

Since Louis knows me now fairly well and knows my lifestyle, the only brief I gave him was “highlights”. I left the rest to him.

Fan of Guy Tang (if you don’t know him yet, DO look him up on Instagram) and an avid observer of the latest hair trends here’s what he proposed and ultimately executed:

@ Metallic- coppery or rose gold hues. It’s a great way of warming up your hair tone for winter. No, Im not talking pink rinse! 🙂 We went for rose gold hue at the top section, fading gently at the ends into warm lighter blonde.

@Babylighs- tiny, hand painted highlights which make your hair look as if you were playing in the sun. They blend in seamlessly giving your hair polish and texture.

@ 3D hair- hair is layered with similar, graduated colors that go from dark to light. It gives hair depth and definition, and the colors blend in together for a 3D effect.

The result? A soft, sophisticated hue that makes my hair looks like cashmere. Sod’s law that on the day we were shooting the weather was gloomy and the wind was relentless but I hope you can at least glean the effect.

I’m wearing: 

Jumper- hand made 

Leather jacket- vintage 

Pants- Zara

Boots- LK Bennet 

Bag- Celine 


  1. I need that sweater of yours! Super cute outfit. <3


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