Sometimes I come across beauty buys or an item and get it on a whim only to think later- how did I ever do without it? I’ve had a few this kind of discoveries this months and thought “have I lived under a rock”? That’s especially true for Zara shoes. I mean, you know Zara shoes well, right? In a way it seems like everyone was in some sort of cahoots to keep them away from me. For fear of sounding like a shoe snob, I’ve always thought that the more expensive shoes the better. I would happily drop on a pair a sum for which The French and I could easily go away for a weekend to Paris. Have I been doing it all wrong? It seems like it…

zara shoes -6063

I bought my first pair of Zarta courts in September when I attended Paris Fashion Week. I thought that caramel suede would go a dream with my suede shirt and camel coat (you can see it here). They were quite high but I wore them not only around the office (in a quite succesful attempt to smarten up my act) but also out- and they passed the test. They are well made and comfortable, and so last week I got these beuaties.

zara shoes -6065

They seem, OK they ARE high but again, comfortable and look a milion dollars. They are everything I look for in a shoe minus a price tag. They look expensive and remind me of Kate pumps by Louboutin. Now, if I uncover that conspiracy that kept Zara shoes secret, I promise, fur will fly…

If you are in the market for a good face cream than look no further. A while ago I got a very generous sample of Cult51 cream and having applied it that night, I woke up with a soft, supple and even looking skin which only needed a little concelar to hide blemishes. I was impressed but hesitated for a few months because of it’s price tag- £125 (ouch). But after a recent trip to Face Gym I decided to keep up the good work and treat myself to a pot. I’m using it day and night, and as a primer, too (and a little goes a long way).

Clut51 cream -6045

You may know 111Skin, a skincare line launched by London based Dr.Y. Alexandries. A word of mouth fenomen, you might have heard of it due to an involvement of Soviet cosmonauts in the making of it. As it turns out, in the outer space our skin ages fast due to cosmic radiation and lack of atmosphere as a protective barrier. Dr Alexandries and the scientist came up with  a first serum to combat aging, which his patients loved. The rest, as they say is history.

Skin111 -6051

Skin111 Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask was recommended ot me at Face Gym in Selfridges after I’ve submitted my 30+ skin to an anti aging laser treatment. I had no side effects of the laser (sometimes as the skin renews and heals you can notice little dry bumps, which disappaer after a couple of days) but the mask lived up to it’s hype. It left me with soft, plump and bright skin. Just in time for the round of Xmas parties starting any day now.

opi nail polish in samoan sand-6055

And last but no means least, a little make up. I’ve been alternating between red and nude nail for a while. Whilst my private award for red nail polish goes to Inglot (I wrote about this brand here), I’ve been trying different nude polishes but Samoan Sand by OPI was a love at first sight. It looks very unassuming in a bottle but turns into a pretty, pinky-nude rich girl hue which got me plenty of complements. I’m hooked.

chanel make up-6052

I’ve wrote before about eschewing mascara but recently we are best friends again. I have quite long eyelashes and every mascara ends up imprinted in black under my eyebrows, which is more than annoying when I’m in court and have no time to adjust make up or worry whether it smudged everywhere. Dior Diorshow in 090 doesn’t budge all day but it’s very easy to remove (doesn’t require any special make up remover). It builds up from very subtle effect to oh so pretty doll’s lashes. I think we will be acquainted for a long time.


Zara pumps 

Cult51 cream 

111Skin Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask 

OPI nail polish in Samoan Sand 

Dior Diorshow mascara in 090 

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  1. Nic Mora says:

    Zara shoes are great and totally affordable! The UK Zara stores are WAYYYY better than the ones in Los Angeles. Another great place to get very cute and expensive looking shoes is Top Shop. During my time in the UK I bought maybe 5 pairs of shoes from Top Shop and all super affordable as well as comfortable! I came back home and have never received so many compliments. xo NM

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