Ha! I never thought I’d ever say those words or that I would miss my home while still on holiday but here I am saying it: “Home at last!” I love to travel, it is one of the biggest passions of my life, but I have never left my home for longer than ten days at a time before, while this time I have just got back from a trip to Central and South America which was almost a month long. It was the trip of my life for sure, and it was absolutely wonderful but … funny that, I’m glad to be back. By the end of the last week I started to miss my own bed. While still excited with new things and enjoying fabulous weather in Columbia I started to tire of having to pack and unpack my bags every day, wearing the same clothes all the time and sleeping almost every other night in different place. For a month my whole word was strafed into two bags! And God I missed wine! The countries I went to aren’t big on wine, they tend to drink spirits or beer which was fine for a time but I have to say I’m done with Pisco and Tequila for the next decade or longer, no matter how good it might be!

Mecico on top of the 1st temple (1 of 1)

I’m still a bit jetlagged from the flight and my home looks like the aftermath of a small war – all the dirty laundry, souvenirs and backpacks are still spread around the living room waiting for us to tidy up… it will probably take me a couple of days to get back to normality and routine, but I am glad to be back. It’s nice to see London again, water my garden and cook my own food. Our neighbour’s cat, Ben, missed us too. He showed up two minutes after we walked through the door.

BTW, we have an amazing autumn this year!

Mecico on top of the temple in the jungle (1 of 1)

I’m currently sorting out through tons of photos from my trip in order to prepare a nice travel report for you. So stay tuned. South America Travel coming next week. And for now my favourite and so much missed topic – “the vino” – and a good one too!


Allegrini Ripasso Valpolicella Corte Giara 2013

What a wonderful bottle of Valpolicella, perfect to start celebrating the autumn’s game and heavier, more earthy dishes such as beef stews with mushrooms. Big and juicy with raspberry and cherry fruit, you may get some blackberries too by the finish. Thanks to the addition of some dry grapes it smells of sweet spices (cinnamon, liquorice) and stewed fruit aroma, but this red is dry and fresh on the palate with a good acidity and depth, with the soft tannins to give nice structure. So good to have a nice glass of something after coming back home! Salute !


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