Each of us has a special place where we like to escape from our day to day life, even if it’s just for a couple of days. We associate that place with peace and comfort, a place we like to go to relax and rest. For me one of those places is Lewes in East Sussex. A picturesque county town where History whispers its stories from every corner.  It’s a beautiful place of little grey stone houses, lovely gardens and cobbled streets; where from the top of the hill a medieval fortress guards the town, and the echo of monks’ prayers can be heard among the ruins of the old priory.





Lewes is a place where I go to escape the claustrophobic metropolis for peaceful hideaway weekends. Coming from London, I always have the impression that in Lewes, Sunday afternoon carries on seven days a week.  It’s a town where lovely people live, and a warm and peaceful home is always waiting for me.  After a short walk, I’m in the meadows and can hear my own thoughts again.  I can enjoy sunsets without buildings jagging the horizon.





I like to wander through the narrow streets of Lewes, grab a coffee in Bill’s, go for a stroll in the Grange Gardens, or just chill out in the ruins of the old priory. Shopping in Lewes is a pleasure. I love to ferret through knick-knacks in antique shops, browse through second-hand shops and dress agencies (I’ve bought a few of my best outfits there) or pop in to one of my favourite wine shops which always has a great stock of wine from local vineyards.

Two or three days in Lewes is usually enough for me to calm down and I always come back home more relaxed and happier, ready to face the rush of London again.







I’m wearing:

Knit- Zara

Denim- Jasper Conran

Top- Top-Shop

Bag- Vitage

Flats- Office

Sandals- Top-Shop

Glasses- Aurora

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